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We are constantly developing new solutions for our customers. With the expertise gained from our over 70 years of experience, we can handle any challenge regardless of your industry.

Electrical engineering

Branche Elektrotechnik 3 | Giebeler
Branche Elektrotechnik 2 | Giebeler
Branche Elektrotechnik | Giebeler

Building technology

Branche Gebäudetechnik 1 | Giebeler
Branche Gebäudetechnik 2 | Giebeler
Branchen Gebäudetechnik | Giebeler GmbH


Branche Mobilität 1 | Giebeler
Branche Mobilität 2 | Giebeler
Branche Mobilität 3 | Giebeler

Household technology

Branche Haushalt 3 | Giebeler
Branche Haushalt 1 | Giebeler

Other industries

Branche Medizintechnik 1 | Giebeler
Branche Solar 1 | Giebeler
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Long-term partnerships

Are you interested in our industry experience? We would be happy to talk with you about our expertise in the areas of electrical engineering, building technology, mobility, household technology, and much more.